07 December 2011

Foreword 2.0

Well then.

Almost exactly after I posted that original foreword, things sort of went sideways in the "real life" department. My first crack at a real time Silent War campaign lasted through August 1942 (2010), and was going very well.  Events intervened; the game went back into the box.

It is now two years to the day after I originally undertook this project. The dust has settled significantly, to the point that I recently started considering the possibility of giving this another go. I vacillated (as usual), but in the end, the round-number anniversary (1941-2011) was too enticing to resist.

So ... here we are. I have set the game up on my dining room table -- space is going to be a real issue this go-round -- and I'm just about ready to kick things off. The War Mix is dutifully sorted, the TDC counters are ready to be drawn, and the towering stack of subs in Manila is ready to deploy. I just need to turn up a few d10s and I'll be officially back in business.

Not entirely sure this is the best idea I've ever had -- it's funny how memories work, what dredges up what. But, enough ruminating. There are targets to be sunk.

-- December 7, 2011

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