Foreword (v 1.0, v 2.0)

December 1941
Turn 1: It could have been worse...
Turn 2: First blood
Turn 3: A quiet week (mostly)

January 1942
Turn 4: The torpedoes are now trying to kill us directly
Turn 5: Luzon falls; chaos in WestPac
Turn 6: Back on track?
Turn 7Thresher vs. Japan

February 1942
Turn 8: Accidents happen
Turn 9: All we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant
Turn 10: What exactly is a sargo?
Turn 11: Codename: “Wounded Bear”

March 1942
Turn 12: Vignettes from a war

Turn 13: Triskaidekaphobia
Turn 14Skipjack, again
Turn 15: The end of the beginning

April 1942
Turn 16: On performing suboptimally

Turn 17: There seems to be something wrong with our submarines this month
Turn 18: 0-for-60
Turn 19: Loss

May 1942
Turn 20: Hail and farewell

Turn 21: Average (finally)